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Donna Hill B.Sc(Zool) B.Ed.
Online Clicker Training For Dogs
835 Harewood Mines Rd.
British Columbia V9R 6P3
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Using a webcam, I can come into your living room and help you learn the fundamentals of marker-based training and the learning theory as it applies to dogs. Your choose sessions that fit your schedule: time, dates and even frequency. We progress at you and your dog's speed. No fumbling for leashes, or hassles of driving somewhere when you train in your living room. We are wheelchair accessible! Your dog can learn basic skills to be a great pet (loose leash walking), or more advanced skills such as Treiball (push ball), the fastest growing sport for dogs or jogging with the bicycle. I also assist people is training their own assistance dogs (can your dog retrieve a hotdog or a dime?) and prepare for higher level competition like Rally obedience. You can opt for self-directed learning for things such as teaching a service dog retrieve or problem behaviors. It is convenient, affordable and in your own home where the dogs are most comfortable to start learning. Ideal for reactive or fearful dogs. You wouldn't start teaching your child math in a video arcade so why ask your dog to start learning among his highest distractions-among other dogs. I am happy to refer you to group classes once your dog understands the basics. Check out my website for more information. If you have special needs children or teens, or are an adult with learning disabilities or meory challenges, no problem! as I have special training and experience to teach you too! Anything is possible with clicker training!

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