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If your looking to adopt a purebred French Bulldog or mix for sale near you use the search box to find dogs in your area, or browse all the listings! If you can't find the puppy or dog you are looking for - you can always contact a Frenchy breeder in our extensive breeder directory to see if any pups or dogs are available. Before buying a pup please consider adoption.
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Home Raised AKC Beautiful French Bulldog Puppies

Home Raised AKC Beautiful French Bulldog Puppies French Bulldog for sale/adoption
Riverside, California 92503

3 AKC French Bulldog puppies***Home Raised Cute***

3 AKC French Bulldog puppies***Home Raised Cute*** French Bulldog for sale/adoption
San Diego, California 92154


DESTINY FRENCH BULLDOG French Bulldog for sale/adoption
STOCKTON, California 95205


DOZER FRENCH ENGLISH PUGGLE French Bulldog for sale/adoption
NORTH CANTON, Ohio 44720

Female French bulldog pepper

Female French bulldog pepper French Bulldog for sale/adoption
Revere, Massachusetts 02151

French Bulldog Puppies for Sale!

French Bulldog Puppies for Sale! French Bulldog for sale/adoption
Peoria, Illinois 61615

frenchtons puppies

frenchtons puppies French Bulldog for sale/adoption
Stockton, Missouri 65785

AKC blue sable boy-carries tan gene

AKC blue sable boy-carries tan gene French Bulldog for sale/adoption
San Antonio, Texas 78259

French Bulldog Breed Basics

Frenchies are short sturdy dogs with out-sized bat like ears, flat faces and noses similar to that of a Pug. They make great companions and are renowned for their affectionate nature and playfulness. They have a tendency to bark less than other small breeds, but are still lively and alert. They are often called the 'clown' of dog breeds by their owners because of their hilarious child-like antics and curious nature.

The French Bulldog originated in France. Migrating Lace workers from areas around Nottingham in England brought bulldogs with them which were mixed with local rat terriers. This small cute bulldog type dog mix soon became popular with locals and a new breed was born.

Frenchies love to be at the center of attention, and love to have fun, although they can sometimes be demanding. Their curious nature makes them a pleasure to watch. They are affectionate yet courageous, and always loyal to their owner - though at times mischievous. They do well in a good home.

French Bulldogs sport a short, shiny, smooth coat. They have loose, wrinkled skin at the head and shoulders.all colors are acceptable except solid black, liver, mouse and black with white or tan. They weigh between 19 and 28 pounds