The Royal Dog - Haverhill, Massachusetts

The Royal Dog
Massachusetts 01830
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Why have your dog groomed at home? > Saves you time & gas money! > No risk of disease or infestation from other pets > No Cages, Tie outs or DANGEROUS Cage Dryers > Your dog gets 100% of the groomers attention so there is no risk or injury from being unattended in a tub or on a table! > We can groom at your dogs pace... if she needs a break we can stop > No STRESS from barking dogs or long days in a noisy, crowded, overheated grooming shop > FULL grooming including bathing, styling, de-shedding, hand striping, specialty grooming and more all available. > No harsh handling methods (you can supervise the entire grooming if you wish) > ALWAYS owner operated so your dog will always have the same groomer, thus eliminating additional stress > Professional Grooming Since 1996 > 100% Positive references > All Breeds Welcome!

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