Canine College Bow Wow Resort - Holbrook, Massachusetts

Canine College Bow Wow Resort
70 White Rock Spring Rd
Massachusetts 02343
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Canine College is a Boston based, family owned & established Dog Training, Boarding, Day Care and Grooming facility. We are located on 50 acres of fields & forests. Canine College was founded in 1970 in Holbrook Massachusetts on an old farmstead as a sporting dog and obedience kennel. We have grown over the years and have added a full line of services to accommodate all breeds of dogs. Our staffs of expert dog trainers have combined, over ninety (90) years of experience. Common problems such as jumping on people, dragging you down the street, nipping, chewing, not coming when called, and aggressive behavior are only some of the negative behaviors the we encounter. We at Canine College can meet your every need. We have training programs tailored to fit your pet and family. We treat every dog as an individual, and utilize the most recent methods and psychology of a dog’s learning and memory process. We use methods that motivate and encourage dogs to want to learn and please their human family. With the completion of the new building in 2006, we now have expanded our indoor and outdoor facilities, and have added additional day care areas. Visitors are always welcome. We commence training with Puppy Kindergarten for puppies’ age 9 weeks up to 16 weeks. After Graduation we advance you to the next level. Elementary, advanced training, off leash training and training for competition are also available. Training your dog and setting rules are very important in the success of communicating with your pet. Remember, dogs are creatures of habit. Why not form good behavioral habits before negative habits occur, by being consistent with your rules

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