For Love Of Dogs Canine/human Relations Llc - Waterford, Wisconsin

P.K. Shader
For Love Of Dogs Canine/human Relations Llc
26212 Washington Avenue
Wisconsin 53185
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Are you tired of trying to figure out how to be an alpha dog when you're struggling just to be a functioning human being? Are you tired of being your dog's jailer, general, manager or dictator? Instead of confusing or frustrating your animals with Gestapo "do-it now" methods, how about just enlisting your dog's co-operation? Now there's a concept! And that's what For Love of Dogs is all about...Promoting the evolution of canine/human relations through mutual communication, cooperation and respect in a refreshing, and amazing new way. It's not about Training, Bullying, Managing, Frightening, Tricking or Clicking animals into submission. It IS about teaching your animal friends the jobs they need to do in your household in order to have a harmonious life with you.

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