Alpha Dog Walking, Llc. - Seattle, Washington

Alpha Dog Walking, Llc.
3801 W Government Way
Washington 98199
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Alpha Dog Walking is a Seattle based dog daycare service specifically designed for dogs who stay home throughout the day while their owners are away at work or have parents who travel often. If you want your dog to be in a comfortable, safe and secure environment while you are away, but need to get them some exercise and socializing at the same time, Alpha Dog Walking can help. Alpha Dog Walking offers daily dog park adventures and overnight boarding services. We travel to the park and run in a pack for 90 minutes or more Monday thru Friday. Our favorite places are Discovery, Woodland Park and Green Lake. We patrol the territory in each of our parks a couple days a week, rotating so we don't get bored. Dogs that run with us have some really good friends they look forward to running with whenever you are away at work. When you get home, your dog is content to just be with you. My name is Scott and I started walking dogs in 2006 because I believe I can help dogs live happier, healthier, longer lives with their owners. A dog that gets enough exercise, attention and socializing, will have a good quality of life. When your dogs needs are met, their wants are few and there is less anxiety and frustration. Your dog is happy and the bond between you and your dog is strong. I believe in using a positive approach and establishing trust first when it comes to the care of your dog. My philosophy is that healthy, happy dogs need to belong to a family and know they are cared for. My mission is to provide outstanding care, service and safety for your pet in a positive environment. I know how important your furry friends are to you; they are part of your family. I look forward to getting to know your canine companion.

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