Altamont Country Kennels - Altamont, New York

Carl Felix
Altamont Country Kennels
220 Brandle Road
New York 12009
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We are a full service dog boarding, cat boarding, dog grooming facility. We are recommended by several veterinarians in the area. We took over the business in June 2006 and have grown steadily since. Our loyal customers often adjust their vacation plans based on our boarding availability. Many customers travel for miles to patronize our facility. We board all breed dogs. We do not discriminate based on breed. Rather, we temperament test the potential boarders. Friendly Pit bulls may pass our test and some ornery beagles may not. The pets are well cared for. They are generally fed twice a day and exercised a minimum of four times a day. We employ dedicated pet lovers who enjoy playing with the pets. They often share photos of them playing with the dogs as they romp around the snow or chase a frisbee. We have kennels of various sizes. We have a little dogs/puppies room separate from the larger dogs. We also have extra large kennels where families of large dogs can board together. Vaccines are required in order to minimize contamination of distemper, and kennel cough diseases. Rabies is also required to protect our employees and other boarders. We are also an all breeds grooming facility. The service range from bathing to full service grooming which includes clipping and scissoring. All grooming dogs are brushed out fluff dried after the bath to leave a soft shiny coat. Specialized shampoos and conditioners are used depending on the dogs needs (oatmeal, sensitive skin, flea/tick repellant etc.). Nail clipping and ear cleaning is performed on all baths/groomings. Cats are boarded in their own room separate from the dog boarders. The litter is cleaned twice daily and they are given the opportunity to roam the cat room several times a day. This is your pets ultimate home away from home getaway.

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