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No matter what kind of behavioral problems your pet may have, we have the knowledge and experience to provide a solution. Our dog training and rehabilitation programs will restore balance and give you and your dog a long lasting relationship.

My ability to relate to and understand the psychology of both humans and dogs, and my ability to communicate with both in a clear and concise manner is truly a gift that has been honed and perfected over the years through experience. You will not get a well-balanced dog without having both the dogs and the humans in sync. I teach people what their dogs' true needs are. By doing this, we can greatly improve the relationship between dogs and their human family.

You can have a nervous, fearful, anxious dog that makes poor choices (barks, growls, lunges, attacks, runs, hides) towards people, other dogs, bikes, skateboards, etc, or you can have a nervous, fearful, anxious dog that instead of simply reacting to their nervousness, fearfulness or anxiety, defers to you, and makes great choices around all of the above listed items.

Left to figure it out on their own, with no real information about what an appropriate response is, dogs will simply react, and are liable to make very bad choices. It’s your job to show your dog what to think, how to feel, and how to react when faced with things that unnerve them.

This takes knowledge and leadership on your part and establishing the right relationship with your dog. Our training is different than your traditional training. We use a real world training system which means that we don’t train the dog for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. We train them all day. We teach them to behave all of the time. They get lots of structured exercise, lots of play with other dogs and most importantly, long duration calming exercises. They learn how to exist in a human home. They learn that just because we are up and walking around; doing laundry, fixing dinner, playing with the kids, having company come over, etc… they are just suppose to hang out with us. Hanging out with us doesn’t mean jumping, nipping, or running around. Just hang out with us. This is done by showing them strong leadership and structure.

There is no dog we can’t help. No matter how bad or out of control you think your situation is, please contact us – we can help!

Martha Stacey (5/11/2016)

Wonderful Experience and they done a great job with our pup!
Rating: 5 stars
Wonderful customer service with professional trainers. The owner, Brent returned my initial phone call within a couple of hours and answered all of questions. I had lots of questions. We adopted our pup from the local shelter. The first week we had her was awful. She was counter surfing, stealing food, bolting out the door every time it was open and biting my children when she played. She was even jumping on guests and scratching all of us. I called the shelter and they recommended Primal K9. The director of the shelter said that this was the only company in the area that he recommends to fix these problems. I signed our pup up for the 3 week boot camp and dropped her off. We were amazed with the results. Our pup is now very well behaved and follows commands immediately. I am very impressed and will always recommend Brent and Primal K9 to everyone I know.

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