Ghost Dance Alaskan Malamutes - Texas

Julie Edwards
Ghost Dance Alaskan Malamutes
Texas 79831 0357
American Kennel Club
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Champion Line
Health Guarantee

We are a small kennel that enjoys many activities with our dogs including competing in AKC conformation, working our malamutes by carting, competing in weight pull and backpacking/hiking. We only have puppies occasionally, and by reservation, because we only produce puppies to improve the breed, and not just to sell puppies.

We do NOT breed, nor condone the breeding of, "giant" malamutes. We breed carefully selected standard sized, healthy and sound Alaskan malamutes. Our mature adults weigh between 80-100lbs (on average). All our puppies are health guaranteed for life.

Please check out our website for pictures and information about our dogs, information about planned litters and available adults we may have. Members of Alaskan Malamute Club of America, and as such, follow its strict Code of Ethics.

*Please think twice before considering a "giant" malamute. It is common for "giant" malamutes to suffer from many bone and joint diseases such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, patellar problems and early arthritis, which cripples the dogs and causes pain and poor quality of life for them. If you love Alaskan malamutes, please do not support the "giant" breeders.

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