Woodside Kennel - New York

Tressa Woods
Woodside Kennel
North Lawrence
New York 12967
Continental Kennel Club
Health Guarantee

I am Tressa Woods, owner of Woodside Kennel located in North Lawrence, Saint Lawrence County, New York. I love animals, but I especially adore dogs. Like many of my customers, I find caring for animals to be extremely therapeutic, so breeding is a natural fit in my life. I love keeping in touch with the new owners of my dogs, and am happy to help them through any challenges they may face.
?Why get a puppy from Woodside Kennel?
My goal is to produce the finest quality dogs, specializing in Saint Bernards and Chihuahuas. We also breed St. Weiler puppies, a mix of the Rottweiler and St. Bernard. St. Weilers are fast becoming a popular breed among dog owners. For our St. Bernards and Chihuahuas, we now haveI several generations of the dogs I am currently breeding, so I know how my puppies will turn out. ?My puppies consistently grow to be healthy, beautiful, awesome, family dogs. We've found that people will look far and wide for the right, well bred puppy. Come to Woodside Kennel, to see if we have the perfect puppy for your family!?
License # 1039