RiotRiverMastiffs - Oregon

Dannie Riot
Myrtle Creek
Oregon 97457 9745
Stud Service
Health Guarantee

Working towards functional English mastiffs, with a very heavy focus on increased longevity.

Health, temperament, and workability are all important.

Our dogs don't get to be here long enough, especially our giants, so my goal in life is to help increase their short years using genetics, Epigenetics, nutrigenomics, etc.

Currently lifespan with my dogs is thirteen.

Outcrossing to get the desired outcome is welcome, and often needed, whether this be outcrossing purebred lines, or breeds.

All breeding stock will be health tested, and proven in some way, males not being bred until six or older, for longevity's sake

We're still small, and new, but I'm very dedicated to this, and have never had an unhappy customer.

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