Collie Stud - Davison, Michigan

The Williams
Serenade Collies
Michigan 48423 9549

American Kennel Club

All breeding's are approved by Serenade ONLY. We feel our boy has a lot to offer but not to every bitch that comes along. We take a lot of pride in every breeding we do whether it be one of our own, or to an approved bitch from a outside breeding.

Bitch owner must provide all documentation on the following:
* Proof of AKC Registration Certificate/Pedigree
* CEA Exam By a Certified Canine Ophthalmologist
* veterinary certificate Brucellosis screening current clear
* veterinary certificate Vaginal culture current clear
* Proof of negative heartworm test within this year.
* Fecal Examination free from all intestinal parasites.
* Free of external parasite as well.
All above test should be done before a breeding takes place.