Chesapeake Bay Retriever Stud - Reston, Virginia

Eamonn Boyle
Virginia 20190

American Kennel Club
Vet Checked

Sgt Buddy is ready to sire. He was born 5 - 16 - 2014. Sergeant Buddy has a great disposition, he loves the water, and his prey drive is strong. He is mostly used as a companion dog. I bring him everywhere I go which includes large crowded events in Washington DC to hunting on the South Jersey shore. Sarge is a great family dog, I have over 40 nieces and nephews Sarge is at every family event, and always maintains a playful disposition. He is protective of the home and my car, he barks when strangers come to close. I am interested in breeding him. I am new to this and not familiar with how these arrangements work. I feel a little like a pimp. Let me know what your looking for and Sarge would love to help.

I will supply pictures to serious enquiries, I have been told that he is the most handsome dog most people have seen.(Frankly as a single guy it is frustrating how many women fall in love with my dog and not me).

Please contact me by cell, my emails tend to fill up and may go unnoticed.

Thank you

Eamonn Boyle