Collie Stud - Houston, Texas

Jenna Defferari
Texas 77062

Champion Line
Vet Checked
Genes Cleared

Atlas is a three-year-old male, unproven and no pedigree but has several champions in his lineage which can be shown upon request. This includes the established Marnus line. Upon producing his first litter we will have him AKC registered with a full pedigree. Negative for CEA/CH and Rod-Cone Dysplasia Type 2. However, the most important thing for us is he has an absolutely perfect collie temperament and an Ideal appearance. Beautiful black tipping, a full white collar that meets in a point, white socks and a white tipped tail, and lastly, the Marnus signature white star on his forehead. Atlas is on the larger size weighing 82 pounds, he is a very intelligent dog with athletic capabilities and a strong work drive. Atlas is unproven, so we are open to discussing a plan that works for everyone either with a very low fee, or simply payment only on confirmation of pregnancy. Ultimately, whatever works best for you as the owner of the bitch. I am open to working something out, please feel free to call, text, or email with questions, proposals, or just to see additional photos. We really feel that Atlas is a good addition to the collie gene pool and would produce high-quality puppies. Pictures include a size reference photo of me next to him when he was 2 years old, I am 5ft 4in. Furthermore, Atlas will produce large thick coated puppies, he is trimmed in most of his pictures because we live in Texas but he does grow a very long and thick coat every winter. -Jenna Defferari