American Pit Bull Terrier Stud - Clear lake, California

Leah walker
Clear lake
California 95422

Hey guys!
My boy is ready for breeding. He is a fawn colored Pitbull. He is not purebred just so I can make it clear. His dad was a purebred red nose Pitbull and his mom was an American mastiff. He has an amazing temper with both human and other animals. He is good with kids! He is a very loyal and protective boy!! He has very little aggression (only shown when shown by another dog first). Other than that, he is an overall amazing boy.
Pictures of his dad is available. The mom wasn’t owned by the person I got him from (he was the first pick out the litter for the stud owner) so unfortunately I don’t have pictures on my phone of the mom.
With all that said, I feel he would be a good suit for another dog with the same personality and temper as him! He is fawn, with some white on his chest. He does have long legs but build shoulders of a full Pitbull.
Contact me if your interested! My number is 19254352932. I am available for transportation so if you’d like to meet to see him, that is always a option!