Anatolian Shepherd Dog Stud - Mesa, Arizona

Gina Perez
Arizona 85205 2777

Ruger- Was born August 1st 2018. He is beautiful, very affectionate, family oriented, extremely intelligent, and healthy young male. His mother is a registered, pure blood, Anatolian shepherd and his father is an absolutely stunning Turkish Kangal, who was bred in Turkey and then shipped, here, to America. Kangals are new to the America and are called Anatolian shepherds here due to them being so unfamiliar. The owner of Ruger's parents was actually in the process of getting them both set up with U.K.C. registrations, as pure bred Turkish Kangals. He is just about 100lbs, maybe a little more. He would make great looking anatolian/Kangal pups or even pair him with another livestock guardian breed and you'll get pups that are perfect protectors for your farm and family. If you have any interest in him as a stud or have any questions please feel free to ask. The 1st picture is of Ruger when he was an 8 week old puppy, the 2nd is of him sleeping on our bed, & the 3rd is of him being squeezed by our 2 year old daughter.