Dogue De Bordeaux Stud - Fresno, California

California 93730

American Kennel Club

Zeus lovable family gentle giant. Great with kids and very protective of family. Guards little ones. Loves to play fetch and will make sure he gets his ball time in. Born September 16, 2020 in a little of 8. Sire is Herx and dame is Kona both A.K.C. registered as is Zeus XXI. Zeus gets along well with other dogs and breeds. He lives with an Alaskan Malamute and German Sheppard and his 4 humans. He doesn't need a lot of space just a lot of love. He loves to cuddle up and saw logs with you.

No known health conditions in his family line or present in him. Stud fee $1500 U.S.

The last picture is Zeus with his dad Herx.