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American Kennel Club
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Murphy is a purebred (AKC Certified) Golden Retriever. We have full registration and breeding rights. Murphy embodies all the desirable qualities of this beloved breed, making him an exceptional choice for those seeking exceptional offspring. With his light golden fur, Murphy is a sight to behold. Everywhere he goes, people can’t help but comment on his beautiful, lustrous coat. His fur is an ideal shorter length, adding to his overall charm and elegance. Murphy’s weight of 80 pounds showcases his impressive build and solid structure, exuding strength and athleticism.

One of Murphy’s most captivating features is his enormous block head, which is an instant hit with everyone he meets. This striking characteristic is highly sought after in Golden Retrievers and is sure to be passed on to his offspring. Beyond his physical attributes, Murphy possesses a wonderful personality that truly sets him apart. He is an amazing family dog, known for his gentle and loving nature. Murphy adores spending time with his human companions and loves to cuddle – he’s a 75-pound lap dog! Murphy’s love for water is another exceptional trait that Golden Retrievers are renowned for.

He thrives in aquatic environments and is an avid swimmer. This enthusiasm for swimming not only reflects his athleticism but also underscores his natural instincts as a retriever. Murphy’s offspring are likely to inherit his affinity for water-related activities, making them perfect companions for outdoor enthusiasts.

With Murphy you can expect to produce offspring that possess not only outstanding physical characteristics but also exceptional temperaments. His striking appearance, loving personality, and natural abilities make him a great choice for those seeking the perfect Golden Retriever stud!

He is full AKC, OFA certified and genetically tested via EMBARK.

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