French Bulldog Stud - Ontario, California

Travis Williford
California 91764

American Kennel Club

Cuban is Merle French Bulldog that has probably one of the most distinct and unique patterns! Cuban has lilac and fawn colored mottled patches around his bodies, with big, bright blue eyes. His Merle Gene is quite dominant so it will be passed down easily, and if you’re thinking about breeding with one day, it’s important to know that we will never be bred with another merle bulldog.

This stud does not lack anything! Bone, Head, and Type are impeccable. His phenotype is of the highest quality compared to any French Bulldog of any color.
Cuban carriers Lilac, fawn, isabella and Chocolate. He weighs 26LBS and is 17" long. He has no tail, big head and wide chest.

He is the son of the world famous Wagyu from Texas Elite Frenchie. Cuban stands at 17lbs and small for a French Bulldog. He is ideal to produce micro French Bulldogs and open to the public for service.