AKc Oorang Airedale pups from our working farm dogs - Waldport, (coastal), Oregon

Karen Kennedy
"Solgaard Farms" AlseaOorangAiredales
Waldport, (coastal)
Oregon 97394 0935

American Kennel Club
Health Checked
Health Guarantee
Rescue Dog
Date of Birth:May 15 2022
Pricing:$2,500. - $3,000.

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All AKc Oorang type Airedales here, Holistically raised on a 30 acre Organic Forest/Farm. Last breeding was October 30 2019 - Between Ellie & AKc Stud Chako. Next possible breeding, summer of 2022.

Puppies ready july of 2022. Voice calls only. Too much to text.

My dogs are the calm, large, 80lb.-120lb. working dogs. I do not bred the standard smaller Airedales into my bloodlines. This larger size is suitable for multiple working skills for ranchers. They are adaptable and able to live peaceably around most species of farm animals. They are not, by nature, people aggressive. My puppies are raised around Chihuahuas and Lagottos for friendship, respect and to better understand living around small dog. (believe me, the little dogs rule).

Tommi has been Extremely easy for me to school, Exceedingly attentive. She began learning to follow hand signals as a yearling and is always happy, gentle, loving and attentive. This year she has started some solo early evening night duty and has moved some elk out of the orchard. She looks forward to our daily farm rounds.

It is usual that my puppies will go to working ranch positions, however, depending on some personalities, some can be assigned to loving gentle people as easy going companions, truffle dogs or therapy work candidates. The large Airedales have shown to be easily trained in therapy dog work due to their calm nature when mature and when early schooled in attentiveness.

I breed for the square heads with a strong jaw (no pointed muzzles) They are Wide between the ears with bodies that have deep chests, medium length of leg for tracking and wide hips and shoulders. They have excellent noses for tracking work.
Wire coats are prevalent 75%, with soft coats occurring 25% approx. Shake and they are almost dry.
The Sires come from strong tracking genetics and gentle personality traits towards family and people. The perfect ranchers friend. They are not for beginner dog owners however.

Cheeri, my female 85 lbs. has a red and black saddle, wire coat and a perfect mother of 4 litters- my farm companion. She was retired in 2019. Her daughter "Gatlins Tomboy", "Tommi" will be bred in 2022.
All Puppies are pre-ordered. Call to find out more about the old bloodlines and how to get onto the list to reserve a future puppy for 2023.

When I do have a new breeding, I give great thought into the bloodlines in order to produce the Healthy, Beautiful Conformation, Intelligence and strong Physiques known in my dogs.
Please Know that I do Not raise my dogs in a dog run or kennel. They are out free on the acreage, and accompany me on my rounds, patrol or just relax on the porch of our home.

Also, Please do not ask for breeding rights for puppies as it takes the best in the litter to qualify as a breeding adult and they are determined by critical viewing and assessment over 14 to 18 months.
All puppies are therefore sold as non breeders (pet quality) and Receive AKc limited registered status which is eligible for most AKc sponsored shows and field trials. (just not the breeding rights)

I would love to hear from you so give a call for any questions about the AKc Oorang type Airedales.
I use voice calls only for initial contacts. Never a text.
Call me on (541) 563 3006 land line.
All the Best to you and yours, Karen Kennedy

Alsea Oorang Airedales
Waldport, Oregon 97394

Last litter was between Ellie / Chako
DOB was 10/30/19. ALL were healthy - A beautiful litter of puppies.

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