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ANNOUNCEMENT: HUNTERS CREEK RETRIEVERS has several started Labs available for competition, confirmation, Service, Therapy, companion or hunting homes.

Thirty-two (32) years raising and training some of the best pedigree Labs in the United States: including 3 breedings to Barracuda Blue, still one of the top chocolates in AKC history. With FC, AFC, CFC, CAFC, and MH titles.

Adolescent and older Labs, temperaments ideal for Service Dog clients: veterans, PTSD, anxiety, mobility and other special needs, mild temperament, public access dogs. If you are on a waiting list or have financial concerns regarding a Service Dog, complete our online Application with your story and needs for a dog, we can assist.

HCR over the last decade has raised almost $350,000 for charity organizations with our Puppy Head Start Trained Labs: almost $100,000 for The Lone Survivor Foundation, with two trained yellow puppies fetching $22,000 and $21,000 for veteran families after Col. Oliver North left the crowd motivated to support America’s military heroes. Other charitable organizations we have assisted included: Texas Hearing Institute, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Rancher’s Ride, The Regis School, Covenant House, Houston Safari Club, Belles of Houston, Ronald McDonald House, Hunt with Heart and a host of other worthy charity organizations. If you have a worthy charity organization, we may be able to assist in your fund raising. will be operating online in October featuring dog related products emphasizing natural health solutions to optimize your K9 best friend's health and life span. Products will include: Chlorine Dioxide, Colloidal Silver, Flea Treatments; Oregano Oil, Cedar Oil, Mineral Supplements, Ear, Digestive, and Gut Health products. Ruff Living LLC products will be featured soon. Itza Ruff Life make the most of it!

Yoda, the best Lab ever, was co-STAR, in a Ford Truck commercial, with future NFL Hall of Fame great, #99 J.J. Watt. Our Labs appeared on Prime-Time News and we made CBS Best Breeder list. Our social media regular following has grown to 25,000 with one of our Press Releases receiving almost five million hits in one week.

Hunters Creek Retrievers clientele includes a Who’s Who of amazing people: NASA Astronauts, Professional Athletes, Fortune 100 CEOs, Hollywood writer and director, doctors, lawyers, developers, veterans and thousands of smiling kids and adults who found their best friend on earth has four legs fifty pounds of heart!

One of the most rewarding aspects of our journey has been literally saving lives with our Service Dogs. Are you suffering from PTSD or trauma induced anxiety? 22 veterans a day choose suicide, with the exponential stress across the country since the COVID plandemic, our commitment to placing Service Dogs has expanded. If you are at the end of your rope, please reach out, let a Lab restore HOPE in your LIFE! (If you’re a trainer or foster family who wants to join us in the effort, please send an email)

Hunters Creek Retrievers Top Dog Training will continue on a limited basis for select clients. As an AKC Evaluator/Trainer for Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R. Puppy and Trick Dog, thousands of kids and adults mastered the role of Master. Basic Obedience: COME, SIT and HEEL, using praise and positive reinforcement. As well as, one-on-one coaching for Field, Gun and Hunting dogs: retrievers, upland spaniels and pointers, and tracking dogs, employing technique with an e-collar (the only way to train a dog off-leash at 100+ yards) Save your dog's life from a snake or moving car by learning how to properly use an e-collar.

Our testimonials and reviews offer a good representation of our love for our Labs and passion in matching the right Lab with the best family.

If you’re looking for Lab Puppy or interested in one of our adolescents or started Labs, please complete the Puppy Application and include a summary in the NOTES what you are wanting in your new best friend.

Hunters Creek Retrievers
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After 30+ years in business we are looking for interns to train to carry on the tradition or a buyer/investor who wants to step into the business.

Hunters Creek Retrievers - Top Dog Training USA, unique program takes every step to insure the right puppy temperament is matched with the right family, we use a comprehensive placement matrix and interview. Our pups receive Early Neurological Stimulation, Stress Conditioning and Temperament Evaluation to match to families who are carefully screened after an interview.

The Top Dog Training USA, Puppy Head Start Program, includes basic obedience: COME, SIT, HEEL on whistle, hand signals and verbal commands with crate training. We are vigilant in our selection process and training program to ensure the best fit focusing on temperament and training assessment to match the family masters and Lab.

Our dogs are carefully evaluated to fit their future owner lifestyle whether it be THERAPY, HUNTING, COMPETITION, COMPANIONSHIP or SERVICE dog. Over the last few years, we have placed almost two dozen SERVICE DOGS with clients who benefit from the miraculous, life altering addition of a dog specifically matched to their needs. We have Service Dog clients comprising of veterans, special needs, PTSD, mobility, anxiety, as well as, scent directed service dogs. Check out our reviews on Google and Facebook.

For local clients or celebrity clients willing to foot the bill, we provide PRIVATE IN-HOME DOG TRAINING for the entire family, training has included kids as young as 3 years old who could perfectly control their new puppy and Seniors who needed specialized off leash training utilizing e-collars to control their dog from a distance. We also provide one-on-one training for those moving a sporting, hunting, and/or gun dog through the stages of field training. For out-of-town clients we offer a one-on-one hunting/training session set in real life hunting terrain and during bird season guided hunt-and-train packages. This fall we will be adding board and train, as well as customized boarding packages in our new facilities near The Woodlands, TX.

Watch for our announcement of RANCHERS RUFF GOURMET a premium, specially blended, RAW DOG FOOD for local clients. Raw is the way nature intended and it shows in the improved health, energy and longevity of your K9 companion. ITZA RUFF LIFE, so we endeavor to improve it with healthy diet and quality training.

There are some dogs at various levels of training offered through Warm Springs Puppy Adoption.ORG in conjunction with HCR, for price sensitive clients looking for a great companion/family dog or a ranch/tracking dog with one of our Labrahoulas. Recipients are responsible for all delivery charges: transportation, crate, shots, etc.
Puppy Application

Gold Star Families, veterans and first responders, we will be again placing a puppy with a worthy family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please, follow the same procedure as above and enter your family, or nominate a family for our Thanksgiving "Thank You American Hero" give away, the rules will soon be posted on.
GoldStarPuppy Puppy Program
Nominate a family today.


Championship Labrador Retriever Puppies: Puppy Head Start Trained Lab Pups to Add a Lovable Lab to Your Life! We support America's Gold Star Families, Heroic Veterans and First Responders. CHAMPIONSHIP BLACK, YELLOW and CHOCOLATE PUPPIES NOW AVAILABLE!

TRAINED LABS for Field, Gun, Service and Therapy work. Do you need a trained Lab? We can assist, ask about our trained Labs and which one best fits your needs. Veteran discounts available.

Indicate your interest in either a trained Lab Pup, or older Trained Lab, in the Notes section.

* 32 Year breeding and training Championship Labrador Retrievers.
* 17 Years Personalized In-Home Training for Families, Kids and Seniors.
* 10 Years Training for placement of SERVICE and THERAPY DOGS.
* Association of Professional Dog Trainers.
* American Kennel Club Evaluator: CGC, S.T.A.R. Puppy, Trick Dog.
* Professional Bird Hunting Guide.

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Hunters Creek Retrievers is proud to have been involved in the training and placement of DUKE, the King K9 at Corpus Christi Ronald McDonald House!

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- Television Commercial - Ford Truck with Houston, Texan J.J.Watt
- Lone Survivor Foundation Raising Almost $100K for Veteran Families
- Prime Time News
- CBS Best Breeder Houston, Texas
- Covenant House
- Ronald McDonald House Therapy Dog
- Houston Safari Club
- The Regent School
- Belles of Houston
- Texas Hearing Institute

Ask About Our American Heroes Discount for Veterans, Gold Star Families and First Responders
Companion, Service, and Therapy Dog Training.
AKC Evaluator for Canine Good Citizen, S.T.A.R Puppy, and Trick Dog

?? TOP DOG TRAINING USA - We Support America's Heroic Military, Veterans & Gold Star Families through the Lone Survivor Foundation, Rebuilding Warriors and Dive Pirates - Ask about our Military Discount. Join us supporting our brave veterans. Would you like to be a Furry Friend Foster Family?

John, You made my day!
Dan is TOTALLY in love with Rowdy! HE IS JUST PERFECT! I think Rowdy would love another playmate! We are headed to the park with Rowdy when the kiddos get off the bus
I can not tell you what an AWESOME dog this is! He is totally pooped right now! We have had him outside for two days straight! The kids take him on neighborhood walks as well!
You’re the BEST Amy

Over the last several years we have been on a roller coaster ride on our kennel property, we had a beautiful location overlooking two ponds that was hit by a tornado, then about the time we were ready to move back in our dear friend and owner of the property died in a tragic accident.

If you, or someone you know, has a property that would work for our boarding and training, a referral would be greatly appreciated. If you're a investor, that is interested in partnering with a successful seasoned business literally saving lives with Service Dogs, please email

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In medical settings, chlorine dioxide gas can be used to help sterilize equipment, surfaces, rooms and tools: antimicrobial agent in water used in poultry processing and to wash fruits and vegetables. Researchers have found that at appropriate concentrations, chlorine dioxide is both safe and effective at helping to eliminate Legionella bacteria. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidant. This means that chlorine dioxide removes electrons from another compound during a chemical reaction. This activity makes it toxic to many bacteria and fungi.

Chlorine dioxide is considered potentially toxic to humans at concentrations higher than 0.8 mg/L. Water purification tablets containing chlorine dioxide are marketed to campers, hikers, and backpackers to sanitize fresh water from rivers or lakes; make sure to carefully follow the instructions on the package if you use these products, and never use more than the recommended quantity per volume. In its pure form, chlorine dioxide is a hazardous gas, but most people are not likely to be exposed to air containing dangerous levels of chlorine dioxide as it rapidly breaks down in air into chlorine gas and oxygen.

1) Antimicrobial Activity

Chlorine dioxide is frequently used to sterilize water and make it safe to drink. The maximum safe limit for chlorine dioxide in drinking water, according to the EPA, is 0.8 mg/L [7].

Chlorine dioxide gas can go through bacterial cell membranes and cause cell death in the pH range of 3-9 [4, 8].

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In another study, a chlorine dioxide solution reduced 98.2% of bacteria and fungi in a lab test (E. coli, Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, listeria, salmonella, Candida albicans, etc) [3].

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The antimicrobial properties of chlorine dioxide are used to disinfect food, surgical tools, and more [10, 11, 9].

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