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"Featuring a month-by-month timeline of your puppy's stages"--Cover.
Barron's Training Your Dog titles offer breed-specific advice on virtually every aspect of canine training, including housebreaking, obedience to basic verbal commands and hand signals, retrieving, and walking the dog on a leash. These books also discuss humane methods for breaking a dog's bad habits. The German Shepherd is intelligent and a quick learner, which makes him highly trainable. However, training of this fine dog should begin early in life. German Shepherds are best suited to owners who are calmly authoritative and consistent in their training methods.

German Shepherd

The Ultimate German Shepherd Training Guide - 14 Essential German Shepherd Training Commands!

German Shepherds are one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. In addition to their striking appearance, German Shepherds are highly trainable dogs that can be used for many different purposes or simply for protective and loving family pets. It’s important to know the best methods for training your German Shepherd so that the naturally aggressive and high energy personality that is typical of this breed does not become dominant. Simply knowing a few verbal commands – and how to teach them to your dog – can make life with a German Shepherd a rewarding experience. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for obedience training or spend long hours away from home learning how to handle your dog.

Simply follow the steps in this guide to make training your German Shepherd easy and fun. In the following chapters, we’ll cover these topics:

After reading these short chapters you’ll know helpful commands to control your German Shepherd, you’ll better understand what makes your German Shepherd such an exceptional and trainable breed, and you’ll pick up some handy training tips as well!
Welcome to the world of German Shepherd Dogs Coloring Book. This adult coloring book was created to put you into a meditative state while coloring the carefully selected images on the pages that follow. Every single image was hand selected with the art of your favorite German Shepherd Dogs in mind, cleansing your soul of negative energies as you fill them all will vivid colors. I am happy that you have chosen this coloring book to fulfill your coloring needs. Surely, you won’t be disappointed! Happy Coloring!
Discover a whole new world of dogs with this revolutionary, breed-specific guide accompanied by a free DVD. German Shepherds are known for their loyalty and versatility. Learn why it is so important to properly train these dogs and exactly how to keep them happy and healthy.

German Shepherd

How To Train A German Shepherd - Learn Amazing Tips, Tricks And Techniques To Train Your German Shepherd Puppy!

Do you want to have a well-mannered German Shepherd? German Shepherds have a wonderful reputation for being capable, smart, working dogs. You might assume that your German Shepherd puppy will be easy to train. But that isn’t always the case. Each pup is individual, and some may need different approaches than others. Training German Shepherds is a challenge just because they ARE so intelligent. Sometimes smart dogs are dominant, and you need to bend your pup to your will, so he knows you’re the boss, without being rough with him. If you have selected a puppy with a stable temperament, he will be quite trainable, and the training process can even be enjoyable. The way you train depends on his personality and temperament, and you need to adapt your training skills to him. That’s where your personality and persistence come in. Especially if you’re starting with a puppy, you can use this book to help you attain a well-behaved, well-mannered dog. You will be drawing on the experience of many professional trainers and canine psychologists who will offer you valuable tips and tricks for training your German Shepherd puppy.
Everybody thinks they know the German Shepherd. Many of us grew up with Rin Tin Tin, or we saw German Shepherds in nightly news reports breaking up riots, or we saw them in neighbors’ backyards protecting children. But that only scratches the surface of one of the most fascinating and confusing breeds on earth. Whether it’s selection, nutrition, routine health care, training, competition, or just having fun, there’s more to it with a German Shepherd than with other breeds. And if you’re thinking about adding one to your family, or you already have one, you need to know all you can about this breed. Which is where German Shepherds For Dummies comes in.

Is this noble and intelligent breed the right dog for you and your family? German Shepherds For Dummies provides the answer to this and all your questions about getting, caring for, and living with this loveable breed. Lifelong German Shepherd owner and longtime German Shepherd breeder, trainer, and exhibitor, Carline Coile, PhD ,gets you up and running with what you need to know to:

Dr. Coile provides insights into the German Shepherd temperament and loads of sensible, easy-to-follow advice, along with fun facts and Shepherd trivia, amusing and informative anecdotes, and tips on how to have a great time with your dog. Discover how to:

The indispensable guide for you and your German Shepherd, German Shepherds For Dummies is the only book you’ll need to help you have the best possible experience with this handsome and sensitive breed of dog.

The courage and devotion of the German Shepherd remains unmatched by other breeds as observed through many years of employment and human companionship. The German Shepherd canine is utterly versatile and excels at almost anything it is taught and trained to do. The German Shepherd dog is a popular choice as it helps many people in different fields such as assisting impaired individuals, military service, police work, search and rescue, herding, drug and explosives detection. The German Shepherd is consistently among the top 10 most popular dog choice and is one of the most recognized breed in the world. Here’s to many happy days and nights, year in and out, with your courageous, intelligent, obedient, trustworthy, gallant friend in the form of the handsomely chiseled, gracefully agile and utterly loyal German Shepherd! German Shepherd breeding, where to buy, types, care, temperament, cost, health, showing, grooming, diet, and much more included!
Ashton Matthew's book, German Shepherd Training: the Simple Step-by-step Guide to Training Your German Shepherd at Any Age provides you with everything you need to train your German Shepherd at any age. Training includes: Sit, Stay, Fetch, Drop, Potty Training, Leash Training and Socialization.