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Barron's Training Your Dog titles offer breed-specific advice on virtually every aspect of canine training, including housebreaking, obedience to basic verbal commands and hand signals, retrieving, and walking the dog on a leash. These books also discuss humane methods for breaking a dog's bad habits. The German Shepherd is intelligent and a quick learner, which makes him highly trainable. However, training of this fine dog should begin early in life. German Shepherds are best suited to owners who are calmly authoritative and consistent in their training methods.

German Shepherd

The Complete Guide To Training Your German Shepherd Puppy - Obedience, Potty, And Crate Training!

Puppies. One of the most adorable things on this planet, and something that everyone should have at least once in their life. But, along with all of that cuteness comes something a lot of people overlook. Something that is incredibly important, and something that you will need to do if you want a puppy that grows up into your best friend. And that something is training. German shepherds are beautiful dogs that are both highly intelligent and have a lot of energy. They are excellent companion animals when they are brought up right, and they are one of the best breeds you could imagine for a fun and active lifestyle. But, the only way you will get the dog of your dreams is if you take the time to bring them up properly, and that requires training. No puppy is perfect, and all puppies require a level of obedience training, love, and discipline. That is where this book comes in. In it, you are going to learn everything you need to do to turn your new pup into a well behaved dog you can take anywhere. A dog you can trust to listen to you, and a dog you know is going to be there when you want them to be.

German Shepherd

The Complete Guide To Raising Your German Shepherd Puppy, Plus Potty, Obedience And Crate Training

Did you just get a German Shepard Puppy that you need to train? Or, are you thinking about getting a German Shepard Puppy but you need to first learn about what the training process might entail? There is even a chance you already have a German Shepard Puppy and you've attempted to train it but it just isn't going like you'd hoped it would. If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this book is the book for you! With the easy to understand information and the clear, straight forward instructions, this book can teach you everything you need to know about training a German Shepard puppy! Furthermore, this book is written with any and all concerns and frustrations you might be feeling, in mind and will help you to solve any problems you might be experiencing!
Veterinarian-approved advice and information is emphasized in Barron's Dog Bibles series. Written mainly for first-time owners, these books advise readers on physical and behavioral characteristics they should look for when choosing a puppy. Each book focuses on a specific canine breed, describing the title breed's traits, history, behavior characteristics, and recommended training methods, with information on how breed-specific traits influence the relationship between dog and owner. Also described are potential breed-specific health problems owners should look out for. Attractive sidebars present fun facts, breed truths, and helpful hints. A hidden spiral binding ensures that the book will stay open and flat at any desired page. The DVD enclosed with each book presents an informal dog training course for new owners. Each book is filled with attractive color photos. Among the most intelligent of all dogs, German Shepherds are the subjects of this book. They are quick learners, and they readily respond to carefully structured obedience training.

German Shepherd

The Complete German Shepherd Training Guide - 14 Basic German Shepherd Training Commands!

How do you get the most from your German Shepherd companion? You may not know it, but German Shepherds, bred to be working caretakers and fierce defenders, have become the second most common breed in the U.S., and for good reason. They’re bright, energetic, fearless, and loyal to a fault. They make outstanding companion animals, work dogs, and family pets. They’re excellent with children and, because of their loyalty, you’ll find them protective of the entire family without being aggressive about it, if you pick the right dog with the right temperament. This book will teach you everything you need to know to find a family pet with the right personality, instincts, and qualities for your household. You’ll learn to avoid potential pitfalls. Best of all, you'll learn to properly train them so you both have a fun, rewarding and loving relationship with each other that will last its entire life.

Here is a preview of what you'll learn:

German Shepherd

The Ultimate Guide to Training Your German shepherd, Plus Amazing Care Tips!

Welcome to “German shepherd: The Ultimate Guide to Training Your German shepherd, Plus Amazing Care Tips!” a great source of German shepherd information. This book is particularly designed to help you learn and understand German shepherds as a breed. You will also learn of the various amazing new training techniques and care tips. Some people may be thinking that buying and training German shepherds is challenging. The truth is that it is easy to buy as well as train these dogs, as long as you are well-equipped with the correct information.
German Shepherd Training AAA AKC | Think Like a Dog – but don’t eat your poop! Special Inside: What Every German Shepherd Owner Must Learn First, and Before They…“just-start-training"! German shepherd training system: “Fastest Way to No More German Shepherd Poop!” For both new and seasoned German shepherd Dog owners, whether a puppy, or adult German shepherd. Just open it up and read simple, clear, step by step German Shepherd dog training techniques and commands and start training your German Shepherd in hour one. [NOW!] German Shepherd Breed Expert Step by Step Guide for rapid command adoption learning and doing. German Shepherd, Dog Training: This is EXACTLY How to train your German Shepherd puppy, while using German Shepherd specifically designed dog training methods, made to be fast in adoption, simple and fun for you and your German Shepherd. German Shepherd Dog Training This is Exactly How to Train Your German Shepherd puppy and German shepherd adult dog too. Specifically geared towards your German shepherd breed, we created the Rapid Command Adoption German Shepherd training system. We are sincere and caring when considering the importance of delivering a best of breed specific German shepherd puppy and dog training system. We are serious about the information you need, the steps you will take, and the results you both deserve when you act today and for a long term, healthy and happy life together. So serious in fact, I managed to pepper in a wee bit of humor along the way. There is design and reasoning behind my terrible one-liners too. You see, a major secret to your German Shepherd puppy training success includes and certainly depends on your happiness, attention, attitude, approach, and type of command delivery you give. It’s an easy philosophy too; the more you have fun, the better responses you will get, and the better experience your German shepherd will have too. You can secure your outcome simply by choosing right now to put our cutting edge, Breed Specific German Shepherd Training eBook System to work with your dog now, and start seeing positive dog obedience results immediately using our Rapid Command Adoption German Shepherd training system. . German Shepherd puppies and adult dogs can enjoy rapid dog-training results. Our purpose is to offer you and your new puppy or dog, the best possible German Shepherd results-getting-dog-training-system. We are serious about your results, and you might have some fun during the process of training you German Shepherd using our new and improved German Shepherd Breed Specific dog training system. Here’s exactly how to train your German Shepherd puppy and adult dogs too. Its all laid out for you right now in an exacting, yet simple, fun, short, fast, and highly effective dog training guide. Title says it all. Think Like a Dog, but don’t eat your poop! Paws on, Paws off; How to Train Your German Shepherd? Go ahead download it we guarantee our trainings material. Who knows right? You may just have a laugh while teaching your dog rapid command adoption. Enjoy! Thanks for reading, my family is grateful, and we sincerely appreciate your business, Paul Allen Pearce Author, Trainer, Dog Lover German Shepherd, German Shepherd dog training,German Shepherd training, German Shepherd information, how to train my German Shepherd training guide, GSD to crate train my German Shepherd Breed, train my German Shepherd,German Shepherd Obedience, Obedience Training.GSD
Everybody thinks they know the German Shepherd. Many of us grew up with Rin Tin Tin, or we saw German Shepherds in nightly news reports breaking up riots, or we saw them in neighbors’ backyards protecting children. But that only scratches the surface of one of the most fascinating and confusing breeds on earth. Whether it’s selection, nutrition, routine health care, training, competition, or just having fun, there’s more to it with a German Shepherd than with other breeds. And if you’re thinking about adding one to your family, or you already have one, you need to know all you can about this breed. Which is where German Shepherds For Dummies comes in.

Is this noble and intelligent breed the right dog for you and your family? German Shepherds For Dummies provides the answer to this and all your questions about getting, caring for, and living with this loveable breed. Lifelong German Shepherd owner and longtime German Shepherd breeder, trainer, and exhibitor, Carline Coile, PhD ,gets you up and running with what you need to know to:

Dr. Coile provides insights into the German Shepherd temperament and loads of sensible, easy-to-follow advice, along with fun facts and Shepherd trivia, amusing and informative anecdotes, and tips on how to have a great time with your dog. Discover how to:

The indispensable guide for you and your German Shepherd, German Shepherds For Dummies is the only book you’ll need to help you have the best possible experience with this handsome and sensitive breed of dog.

German Shepherd Dog Training: The Katz Way shows you the same techniques, strategies and training tools used by Master Dog Trainer Adam G. Katz, the man who has trained thousands of German Shepherd Dog owners how to get their dogs to listen to them, anywhere they go.

As the publisher of a dog training newsletter read by over 65,000 dog owners and having owned three dog training companies (South Bay K-9 Academy, Adam's Las Vegas Dog Training Company and Katz Trains Dogs) the Katz Way is the method for getting maximum results with your German Shepherd Dog in minimal time... using the same methods that Katz uses with his own dogs.

The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most versatile and trainable of breeds. But it can also be one of the most difficult, depending on your individual dog's temperament, bloodlines and nerves.

German Shepherd Dog Training: The Katz Way details a balanced approach to training your dog. Katz has traveled the world and worked with some of the best trainers he could find. Techniques and approaches are borrowed from those who train police dogs, search and sescue dogs, guide dogs for the blind, therapy and service dogs-- and anyone else who must have 100% reliability from their dog.

The Katz Way is not a “purely positive” or “cookie bribery” approach to training. Katz believes that dogs are intelligent, thinking animals. The Katz Way seeks to let your German Shepherd Dog make the decision (instead of trying to restrain or bribe!) If your dog makes the right decision, he receives praise. If he makes the wrong decision, he receives a correction and then the opportunity to make the right decision.

The information in German Shepherd Dog Training: The Katz Way will transform your dog into a happy, reliable and confident companion you can take anywhere and know that he will respond eagerly and joyfully.

Behaviors taught include:

- How to walk on a loose leash without pulling
- Stop annoying behaviors such as barking, biting, jumping up or nipping
- Sit on command
- Stay
- Go to your place
- Lie down
- Come when called, every time
- Heel
- And much, much more!

Highly recommended by top dog trainers from around the world.