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AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator & Trainer

Houston Top Dog Training USA: Houston, Texas
Our training philosophy and program differs from many others, we believe the owner/master is an integral part of training a well mannered family pet and canine companion. Everyone has seen hard to handle, unruly dogs that annoy visitors with their behavior and leave owners pulling their hair in frustration.

First and foremost are the basics! Obedience is the number one factor determining success in a family or in the field. Obedience training includes the following: Sit, Stay, Come, Heel, Down and Crate Training. Verbal, Whistle and Hand Signals will be incorporated right from the beginning to make sure you're able to communicate with your dog in a variety of environments, whether it's from two feet or one-hundred yards.

Consistency is the key!

Each command needs to be consistently enforced the exact same way every time so there is never a question of your authority or the desired behavior you expect from your dog. Consistency in training an ideal retriever is much like training yourself to play the piano. Repetition and Consistency are the difference between failure and success, one wrong key can ruin an entire symphony.

We can provide obedience level training for any breed; but our specialty is sporting dogs: Retrievers, Spaniels and Pointers. Our initial evaluation of the owner/master and your dogs capabilities in relation to each family member and how everyone interacts with your dog's personality, temperament, drive, and responsiveness to training.

The length of time required for training will depend on consistency in following through with short homework assignments to reinforce behavior and familiarize your dog with your commands.

We offer coaching in Obedience and Crate Training as soon as your new puppy arrives home. A smart puppy, from a quality pedigree, with proper consistency and follow-through from the owner can be obedience trained within a few months if not sooner.

Many of our HuntersCreek Retrievers Championship AKC Labrador puppies are doing 40 yard retrievers delivered to hand within 10-14 weeks of age, not every puppy is capable of this degree of proficiency; but you improve your chances having a great dog by picking a good pedigree puppy from a reputable breeder and starting early with a consistent short training sessions.

The next step after obedience, if you choose to move forward, is simple retriever training. Holding in place until released, single retrieves, directional cues, blinds and proper delivery. Our goal is to train both you and your dog for success in the field. We don't pull your dog from his everyday surrounding, we meet you and your dog to in familiar surroundings to assist you both andtrain you how to work together!

Wishing you many warm nights by the fire and enjoyable hunts with full bag limits!


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RWD (6/30/2016)

Great Experience with Dog Trainer!
Rating: 5 stars
What an awesome experience! Top Dog Training was great with our kids. Would recommend them dog training

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