Noah's Bark Pet Spa & Resort, LLC - Fort Knox, Kentucky

Tessa Robinson
Noah's Bark Pet Spa & Resort, LLC
167 Maple Rd
Fort Knox
Kentucky 40121
Services Provided:
Pooper Scooper


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Noah's Bark offers an array of services from grooming to lodging. If you're strapped for time, we also offer a pooper scooper waste removal service. We can come to your residence once a week to remove pet waste so you are able to spend extra time with your pet. Need to get out of town for the day? Let us watch your pet so he's not limited to the indoors all day! Finally, we offer homemade treats and dog biscuits to satisfy Fido's pallete. Does Spot need a bath between grooming appointments? Try our quality pet washes in the comfort of your own home! These are guaranteed to make your pet look and smell as if he spent the day at the spa!

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