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Tracey Johnston
Birdpatch Kennels
406 S Cedar Dr
Indiana 47429
American Kennel Club

My name is Tracey Johnston. I am first a wife, mother and homemaker, then - a breeder of Standard Poodles. My breeding hobby was never even a thought until we experienced "co-habitation" with our first Standard. It didn't take long for me to switch gears from having babies (I have 6 now) to having baby-puppies instead! After much research, study and literally hours on the phone to many reputable breeders, I learned the proper steps to becoming a responsible breeder. I'm a very small breeder only producing one (occasionally two) litters per year. I only have 4 dogs or less at one time. Currently I only have one male and one female that is breed-ready. My third is a retired/spayed girl, my fourth a pup. They all live in our home, sleep on our furniture and only see the inside of a crate while at the groomer! All our pets/breeding stock come from AKC champion lineage and are fully tested before being selectively bred, creating a combination of beauty, structural soundness, intelligence, gentle temperament, and genetic health to compliment the breed. So if you're tired of searching high & low for the PERFECT COMPANION, seeking intelligence, health & beauty at an AFFORDABLE Price. If you want a structurally Sound, EXCELLENT tempered, genetically healthy, champion pedigreed STANDARD POODLE - at a "PET" price... Smile & look no more - You just found the MOST INTELLIGENT & LOYAL DOG YOU WILL EVER HAVE!