Rare,Akc, "LAGOTTO ROMAGNOLO" - Purebred AKc. (official Italian truffle dog / water dog) by AlseaLagottos - Oregon

Karen Kennedy
Rare,Akc, "LAGOTTO ROMAGNOLO" - Purebred AKc. (official Italian truffle dog / water dog) by AlseaLagottos
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AKC Lagotto Romagnolo, a RARE PUREBREED known 700 years in Italy. A forerunner of the Poodle & perfect family pet of exceptional intelligence. Hypo-Allergenic curly wool. A Semi-Calm breed that looks into your eyes to give love & take guidance. Non agressive. Too smart to be a "beginners dog". The Original Truffle Hunter. Loves children and other animals. ( AKc standards of 30 - 35 pounds, 14" to 19" tall with lifespan around 17 - 18 years).

Next breeding will be in May 2021. Call for information on how to be put on the list.
Carlos/Lola puppies AKC.

This breed is making a comeback in Europe, when in the early 1970s, a few scattered European Lagotto owners formed an alliance to DNA test for purebred verification & purity of health in the breed. They were committed to breed and save this awesome dog before it became extinct.

I have imported four parent dogs, from one of the Best German breeders, Fichtelhof, and am proud to present some of these rare dogs to the USA.
The Lagotto breed was newly recognized in 2015 by the American Kennel Club (AKc) as a purebred dog and can be fully registered. My Lagotto adults are all with Show Pedigrees from Europe and are registered through the ENCI of Italy, and now AKC. in USA. This ancient breed is said to be some of the foundation stock for the Poodle and some of the water dogs. They excell in water sports and any job having to do with "nose work". Lagotti are the Italian Official Truffle Dogs!

My Lagotti were DNA tested in Germany & were found to be medically "clear" from genetic issues of the past.
Please call on my landline to ask any questions plus how to be added onto the current puppy list for the Breeding of May. 2021
Hoping to speak to you.

(541) 563 3006 VOICE only

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