Alaskan Malamute Stud - Columbus, Ohio

Joni Ruppel
Ohio 43204

American Kennel Club
Vet Checked

I would like to offer stud services with my 1 year 1 month old AKC registered and vet checked/clean bill of health Alaskan Malamute!
I would like him to be able to have one litter with another nordic breed female before I get him neutered.
So long as your girl is atleast part malamute and the rest husky or shepherd,
I am not necessiarily looking to ONLY stud my sweet pup with another pure breed.
HE IS 100% AKC Alaskan Malamute, and is a total sweetie pie with a friendly and affectionate temperament.
For more info about how we may be able to bring our 2 special pups together for one wonderful litter of pups, feel free to call or text me at the number I've listed.
I am located in Columbus Ohio and would be willing to travel for the right match up to 500 miles.
He currently weighs in at 75 lbs and is 13 months old.
His father weighed 80 lbs at 2 years old, I would imagine he will be similar.
Thank you and have a great day!

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