Lagotto Romagnolo AKC- ENCI - (DNA) health "clear" - Waldport, Oregon

Karen Kennedy
AKc Alsea'Lagottos
Oregon 97394 0935

American Kennel Club
Health Checked
Health Guarantee
Champion Line
Date of Birth:May 15 2024
Pricing:3,000. - 4,500.

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ALSEA' LAGOTTO'S (Foundation of the Poodle). Puppy list forming for breeding in May 2023, Waldport, Oregon. 97394
AKC Lagotto Romagnolo, Stud Carlos, and all of my breeding females are DNA 100% medically "Clear" and 100% purebred by Embark Labs.

Lagottos are 700 years of a treasured purebred.
This breed is so unknown that even this listing does not yet have its purebred title listed yet.

Lagottos are The Official Truffle dogs from Italy - Lagottos are Happy, Calm, gentle. (not much bark), intelligent, easy to train dog, but not a "beginners dog". They are a healthy, loyal, gentle, Hypo-Allergenic family dog - also, a working dog. Anything to do with nose work. Lagottos love water. Calm when trained and do have an "off" button - they can and do like to relax.
Lagottos are Probably one of the early foundation breeds of the Poodle and many of the Water dogs.

If you are a water or nature person who would love to have a happy sidekick to ride on your paddle board, canoe, kayak, hunt for clams, truffles, hike, camp & play like one of the kids ... this is the dog for you.

Lagottos are now being schooled in truffle hunting on my land of 30 acres within the forests of the Pacific North West.
(541) 563 3006 land line voice only, no text. Please call by voice.
Ask about my young retired dogs or rescues.
Lagottos are a most wonderful breed of dog - naturally they are kid friendly - and, smart like a 5 year old - They are gentle family dogs that read your mind. The only down sides are:
They are still quite rare and unknown. They love to sit in their water bowls and dig for roots. Sometimes you can find them in a tree.

Grooming is easy - They love water, so showering is a fun quality time. They sport curly wooly hair and do not shed. They will need to have their coat scissored several times a year or it will keep on growing. A nice length is about 1" to 2 inches following the contour of the body using scissors. After that is done, tight curls will grow in. Grooming time is really quality time for them. They love to be loved and give love.

Lagottos come in every color except black. No black in their DNA. No black noses .
They have Golden eyes and liver colored noses. No docking is necessary anywhere. They are completely natural. My Dogs are all DNA checked to reveal that they come from healthy, clean , medically sound bloodlines. No variants."Clear"$
All puppies will therefore be "clear"

Adults are 30 to 38 lbs. Long lived - 17, 18 yrs and are bred for exceptionally correct conformation. My breeding girls and boys are imported from Italy and Germany - ENCI/FCI and are now AKC registered. They are raised holistically on my country farm and fed a diet of organics (as best I can) using USDA people food like real chicken, turkey, yams, kale, arugula, lentils, brown rice, split peas, eggs, squash, and whatever good foods come from my organic farm. They are supplemented with fresh goats milk from the farm. I use crushed organic kelp, yucca, nutritional yeast flakes, msm, probiotics, etc. for food toppings. Nutrition matters.

At Alsea' Lagottos, There are no dog runs here! They are all Inside, outside dogs. Farm/home raised and schooled/challenged daily. They are a curious breed and love to learn.
When not being schooled they play together and find the fun outside. My own dog park.

Please give me a call should you wish to find out more about these wonderful canines.
The 2023 May breeding list has started, so please call - I would love to speak Lagotto with you.

Alsea' Lagotto.
Karen Kennedy
Please call me (541) 563 3006 voice only No text possible
Breeder/Trainer since 1990 of sound, working companion dogs.
Next breeding: May 2023 between "Carlos" and "Lucia".