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If your looking to adopt a purebred Dachshund or mix for sale near you use the search box to find dogs in your area, or browse all the listings! If you can't find the puppy or dog you are looking for - you can always contact a Doxie breeder in our extensive breeder directory to see if any pups or dogs are available. Before buying a pup please consider adoption.
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Upcoming Puppies- Miniature Dachshund

Upcoming Puppies- Miniature Dachshund Dachshund for sale/adoption
Hixton, Wisconsin 54635

Cedar Grove Dachshunds

Cedar Grove Dachshunds Dachshund for sale/adoption
Virigilina, Virginia 24598

Two Male Minne Tweenie Dachshunds For Sale

Two Male Minne Tweenie Dachshunds For Sale Dachshund for sale/adoption
Granby, Connecticut 06035

Dachshund mix puppies

Dachshund mix puppies Dachshund for sale/adoption
Homestead, Florida 33031

Dachshund Puppies

Dachshund Puppies Dachshund for sale/adoption
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405

A K C Dachshund Puppies

A K C   Dachshund Puppies Dachshund for sale/adoption
Manson, North Carolina 27553

7 year old Dachshund Proven Stud

7 year old Dachshund Proven Stud Dachshund for sale/adoption
Salem,, Oregon 97301

Dachshund, piebald male puppy

Dachshund, piebald male puppy Dachshund for sale/adoption
Oxford, Ohio 45056

Dachshund Breed Basics

The Dachshund (sometimes referred to as the Doxie or Wiener-Dog) is one of the more popular dogs in the USA, especially among those living in apartments and smaller dwellings.
The are two standard sizes in the USA, standard and miniature. The Dachshund has a long body and muscular with short, stubby legs and large paws built for digging. They were originally used to hunt badgers, foxes and rabbits.

The Dachshund originated in Germany by crossing various hounds and terriers in an effort to produce a hound with the digging abilities of a terrier. During the latter part of the 19th century, they became popular with royalty .

The average owner will tell you that Dachshunds are loyal and devoted dogs, however they tend to be wary of strangers. Doxies are very much a pack dog and fret when separated from their owners for a long time. They require their owner to pay plenty of attention to them, but will be equally affectionate in return.

Doxies have 3 varieties of coat. Short-haired - a short smooth coat, long-haired - a long silky coat with feathering on the legs and ears and Wire-haired (the least common). Dachshunds have a wide variation of coloring and patterns. Typical colors are shades of cream to red, black and tan, tan and chocolate and tan and blue, which can be dappled or bindled.

They weigh between 7 and 15 pounds