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ABBA-WOlf GRAY MALE Siberian Husky for sale/adoption
Iron station, North Carolina 28080

Upcoming Christmas Litter

Upcoming Christmas Litter Siberian Husky for sale/adoption
Iron Station, North Carolina 28080

Akc registered Siberian husky puppies

Akc registered Siberian husky puppies Siberian Husky for sale/adoption
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601

Due On Thanksgiving

Due On Thanksgiving Siberian Husky for sale/adoption
Junction city, Ohio 43748

Male and Female Siberian husky puppies for adoption

Male and Female Siberian husky puppies for adoption Siberian Husky for sale/adoption
los angeles, California 90001

Siberian Husky Pup AKC Female

Siberian Husky Pup AKC Female Siberian Husky for sale/adoption
Pomona, California 91767

Zelda The Cute Husky

Zelda The Cute Husky Siberian Husky for sale/adoption
Kennesaw, Georgia 30152

Quality German Shepherd X Siberian Husky Puppies

Quality German Shepherd X Siberian Husky Puppies Siberian Husky for sale/adoption
Nice, California 95464

Siberian Husky Breed Basics

The Husky is noted for its thickly furred double coat, erect triangular ears, and distinctive markings. The dog is a familiar family pet and still used by their owners as a working dog in colder climates. They are classed as a Spitz type dog. Dogs with different eye colors are not uncommon - one been blue and the other brown.

Huskies are a working dog breed that originated from the Anadyr River area in Siberia, Russia. Originally they were bred by the Chukchi people and adapted to live in the extreme cold of arctic. They were imported into Alaska in the early 1900s where they were used as sled dogs, aiding the exploration of America's last frontier.

Huskies can best be described as active and energetic by their owners. they are a happy breed and known for their friendliness toward both family and strangers.

The Husky sports a thick straight layered coat. The undercoat is think and coarse and protects the dog in the cold. The outer layer is straight and reflective protecting the dog from the summer sun. The two layered coat enables the Husky to survive in temperatures at minus 50 centigrade. Colors vary from black and white to copper-red and white, grey and white through to pure white.
They weigh between 35 and 60 pounds