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4 Month old female Beabull

4 Month old female Beabull English Bulldog for sale/adoption
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania 18360

English Bulldog Puppies

English Bulldog Puppies English Bulldog for sale/adoption
Four Oaks, North Carolina 27524

Male English Bulldog "Guido"

Male English Bulldog "Guido" English Bulldog for sale/adoption
Providence, Rhode Island 02908

Winter for five hundred

Winter for five hundred English Bulldog for sale/adoption
Westerville, Ohio, Ohio 43085

blue english bulldogs

blue english bulldogs English Bulldog for sale/adoption
Phoenix, Arizona 85339

Beautiful Purebred English Bulldog Puppies

Beautiful Purebred English Bulldog Puppies English Bulldog for sale/adoption
Pawtucket, Rhode Island 02860

Champion lines show dog

Champion lines show dog English Bulldog for sale/adoption
Washington, Utah 84780

Olde English Bulldogge

Olde English Bulldogge English Bulldog for sale/adoption
Waynesboro, Mississippi 39324

English Bulldog Breed Basics

The Bulldog is a popular family pet, renowned by its owners for its loving and kind nature. It's a dog you either love or hate, one person may see them as handsome, dignified creatures, another may see them as ugly and comical. One thing for sure is that they really get along with children of all ages, and if kept in a good home their affectionate nature will win you over.

The history of the Bulldog is still shrouded in some mystery., although we do know its ancestors were around in certain areas of England in the early 17th century. Originally this muscular breed was developed for bull-baitng. However, the modern day descendants would not do very well in this "sport" - their aggressive tendencies have been bred out of them, and though they still have an imposing body they do not have the stamina to bring down a bull.

Extremely loyal and affection. Their docile nature makes them almost perfect for any type of family. Their one negative trait is their stubbornness, but provided the dog's owner is willing to put in the effort to train the dog that van be overcome.

This breed sports a coat short, smooth coat with a fine texture of uniform color or with a black mask or muzzle; reds, red brindle, piebald. The AKC doesn't like black. They weigh between 50 and 55 pounds